Wake up Light

Tecboss wake up light


The Tecboss wake up light with sunrise simulation alarm clock is designed for your bedside needs. It features an easy touch control button; it features 3 level warm white illumination for normal lighting, and 256 RGB color changing for atmosphere mood lighting. It simulate the sunrise and gradually light up from 10% to 100% brightness 30 minutes before alarm, then it starts alarming one of the five natural sounds from weak to strong. Be noted that product is designed without snooze function, so either get up or you will miss the time.

Power input: 5V/1A
Built-in Lithium battery: 3600mAh
Color temperature: 2900-3100K
Lifetime: 20000 hours
Dimension: 100*100*175mm
Weight: 400g

Emergency battery mode:
Low brightness: constantly working for 10 hours
Medium brightness: constantly working for 5 hours
High brightness: constantly working for 2 hours